Self-descriptive content platform, Present
2 min readSep 27, 2022


We give the 1 billion creative class a web-based creator platform Present.

Creators can create self-descriptive, searchable, and lightweight video-like content by adding voice narration, drawings, stickers, and video clips to existing documents or images.

Unlike ordinary presentation videos, they can exclude their faces or replace them with avatars. Even after recording, they can edit any parts of the content. Creators can deliver their content with just 10% of the network bandwidth of videos.

Audiences can find out the most relevant page of the content by searching for keywords in the author’s name, voice narrations, the text of pages, comments, and Q&As with public search engines like Google.

With just one click, Creators can distribute their content to channels like target groups, Present’s content community — Foundation, social media, and any websites. Users can monitor their audience’s response through insightful reports.

In a content community, creators can make money by selling their content and exclusive time slots to audiences, and audiences can make money by watching promotional content.