Document communication for future work
3 min readJul 13, 2022

Do you know that half of the world’s workforce will become knowledge
workers, and 70% of them will work remotely in 2025?
Knowledge and remote work are the essential characteristics of the
future of work.

Every day, knowledge workers communicate with their peers, customers,
and the public.
They write, send, and explain documents and interact with their
audience to convey their knowledge, experience, and information.
Knowledge workers create more than 2B documents, send 10B
documents and give 35M presentations a day. It is a huge, huge number.
All their works start from and finish with documents.
Document communication is the primary tool for knowledge workers.

Remote work is accelerated in the pandemic era and has become a de-
facto standard of knowledge work.
The primary tool of knowledge workers, document communication,
needs to be done in a remote environment, and it has become much
more challenging and critical.
Is it possible to deliver your intention to your remote audience with a
document itself? No way.
It is reported that the communication effect is less than 10% when only
documents are delivered compared to when explaining with drawing
on a whiteboard.

PRESENT is a document communication service for the new era of work.
With PRESENT, you can convey 100% of your intentions to your remote
audience as if you were explaining with a whiteboard next to them.

All you do are three.
First, create an enhanced document by adding your voice, drawing, and
facial video to your document page by page.
Second, send the document to your audience.
Third, analyze your audience’s participation.

You can create and edit this enhanced document 10 times faster and
easier than video.
So, you can fast and efficiently conduct the latest knowledge,
experience, and information to your audience.

You can deliver your document and explanation under a snaillike
network that is too slow to provide video.
You can share your knowledge, experience, and information with video
quality in developing countries like India, Indonesia, Ethiopia, etc.
So, you can remove every obstacle from the remote document
communication — time, place, and infrastructural environment.

You can update and restrict access to your document even after you
distribute it.
You can monitor the participation of your audience and get an analytic
So, you can deeply understand your audience.

Is there any reason not to use PRESENT?
No more video files, no more email attachments in document
Visit PRESENT.DO now.

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